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Sunday, July 7, 2019

[Latest Gedget] The smallest phone in the world, launched in India

The smallest phone in the world, launched in India

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Namaskaar Dosto, is article mein maine aapse Zanco tiny t1 ke baare baat ki hai, Zanco tiny t1 ki hai yeh world's smallest phone hai, aur ek interesting gadget hai. Yeh ek prototype hai Zanco tiny 1,
The smallest phone in the world, launched in India,
There are many phone in the world which are very small in size but one such phone is launched in India. This is called the smallest phone in the world. Which is named zanco tiny z1. Zanco has launched it and is kept very small in size. Let 's just show you how this little phone feature looks.

About This Phone:-

Talk about this phone and you get a small 0.49 inch full hd display. You are also being given the storage of 32mb of ram and 32mb of it. However, this phone only supports 2c networks. But its small size attracts people. Because of which it 's being bought by people.

Purchase from here :- the phone is being sold at rs 2,500 in India which can be purchased through the online e-commerce site ali express. Usb is used to charge this phone. If you want to buy this phone too, you can order it on the e-commerce site ali express..

i hope guys agar apne artical ko pura read kiya 

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