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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Best Ways To Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster

Best Ways To Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster:

How to Improve Website Loading Speed:

Hello friends today I am talking about How to Improve Website Loading Speed
These days most of the people coming to your website are gonna be on mobile devices. 
Whether it's a mobile phone or a tablet device, mobile devices are extremely popular, so much so that more people are using Google these days on their mobile device than they are on their desktop computer. 

Hey, everyone, I'm Hardik, and today I'm gonna teach you how to decrease your mobile load time. The reason you want your website to load fast, especially your mobile website, is because the slower it loads, the more money you're gonna lose.

That's billions of dollars for 'em. Sure, you're not Amazon's size, but still, why would you wanna lose a few percents of your income? I'd rather keep it.

And the way you keep it is by increasing, or more so decreasing your load time. The first thing you wanna do is use Google AMP framework. What the Google AMP or AMP framework does is it ensures that your website loads extremely fast on mobile devices. If you have a WordPress blog, there's a lot of plugins that make your website AMP-compatible. If you don't have a WordPress blog, you're gonna have to do some custom coding, but Google walks you through how to do this. The next thing you wanna do is use Google PageSpeed. When you put in your URL in Google PageSpeed

Keep redirects down. Redirects slow down your site since it takes the server some time to find and retrieve the original document requested by a click on the original link, where it no longer resides.

it'll show you for your mobile device what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and what you need to change, right? It shows you specifically for people who are using mobile phones. And it'll break down the mobile version and desktop version. But in this case, pay attention to the mobile version. Last but not least, remove any unnecessary elements.

I see a lot of mobile websites that replicate their main website. Why would you wanna replicate the mobile experience to the desktop experience? No one's gonna go through all of the things you have on your webpages, especially if they're really long. It takes forever if you wanna keep scrolling and scrolling, right? It's just not gonna happen. So minimize the elements, the text, the information that you put on the mobile screen and make it more short and to the point. People will appreciate it. And if you do all of these things, your mobile load time will decrease, you'll get more people on your site, and more sales.

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