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Sunday, March 17, 2019

How I Start Online Business | Start an Online Business

How I Start Online Business:

Hello friends today I am talking about How I Start Online Business
the best online business to star for beginners i

f this is the first time you've come across me and you like to know more information so you don't miss out on other new content now what's one of the things that stopped people from starting online business well there's you have to go to the website you have to drive traffic you have to get products you have to get a merchant and you actually have to know  How I Start Online Business

what online business you want to start and I can empathize with a lot of you when I first started in this industry I was like what like what shall I do shall I create my own products whether I even start and you know do I have to learn about 
programming or how do I should build a shop it sounds all technical and very c

omplicated and maybe some of you have actually built your websites and it's up and running now and you're like hold on enough now I've got this why is it not making money so there's actually two sides to this first of all you've got to have the right 

business model and then you have to have the right monetization strategy so I can completely relate to a lot of you watching this right now and you've maybe tried this and it just hasn't worked and you keep trying it still hasn't worked with a few elements that you need to know in order to make it successful 

and I'll cover this as we go on through this Article so I guess one of the websites that I'm famous for is wealth dragons online which is one of the biggest learning platforms for business I also have created multiple different online businesses for offline businesses and online businesses in property and 

I'm in my first million at the age of 27 using some of the things I'm about to teach you I've taken people who are completely new to this and now they're actually earning money with an online business and I'll show you one of the best ones that you can get started with right away so there's three business models 

I recommend for beginners when you're starting off number one is what I called the virtual real estate model so what does that mean that means virtual real estate is building up some value in a page and selling that page to somebody else okay the second one is what I call the lead arbitrage model 

so you go online you generate leads at a low price and you sell them for a very high price so that's the second business model and the third one which I love the most is you can actually go to other people's websites who have got products and then sell those products for them and then you get paid a commission this will be called Commission based marketing and 

I say this because when you're starting off in any one of these three modules it doesn't really cost you that much money to actually start off it actually cost you time so I don't have time to go into all three of these in fact I've actually created a lot of courses on this and if you want more access to this then just make sure you read the description and a lot of events I've learned a lot of online training 

I've got a lot of online courses but check the description if you want to know this in a lot more detail where we call virtual real estate flipping so here's how it works the idea is to find a business who has a really good business but their social media doesn't actually match what they do so let's say for example you could have a

really posh restaurant but their social media say Instagram page for example might not have any followers and of course you know that people now look at how many followers people have got to make a decision on the quality of that business or service so your job is to get lots of followers onto this page and then go back to the company and sell the pace to them so there are so many different ways 

you can do this so again there's so many different platforms that you could deal at Facebook YouTube Instagram Bangla star and give me some stuff on Instagram so if you all open up an Instagram page right now it's free and all you want to do is you want to create a what we call a curate page and what that means is and let's say you've got a page that you love on cars all that page will be about cars so you go and find content from other people you post it on there and you credit them 

so that's where you provide the content and now lots of people will start to like it and you'll do hashtags for every post that you do so the idea is to post three to six times a day we've lost the hashtags 

and you want to communicate with other pages as well but the goal is to keep posting content related to that business so let's take for example supercars so you could just post lots of pictures on supercars and you can find a company who sells supercars and say hey how would you like to buy this page or acquire this page because 

I can see that you sell millions of pounds with the cars but your Instagram page has like you know a thousand followers this page has a hundred thousand followers so you can go to this company and then you can offer them to buy the page and you should be charging five to ten thousand dollars just for this page so that's one way you can start and literally all you got to do and you can literally from your mobile phone 

you can just manage any accounts and you can have as many accounts there as possible but the idea is to build up a page get lots of followers and then sell it to a business and that's one of the best business models that you can start because it doesn't cost any money it's it just cost you a little bit of time and you gotta be consistent and there are so many businesses right now out there that really really need this so
let me give an example so one of the

things I did I did this every single day I just kept posting content every single day on my Facebook page and you know that page now has over 2 million followers but when that page was around half a million followers someone sent me a message and said I want to buy the page from me for fifty seven thousand dollars right so what happens is when you start building your page up you'll get lots of people pitching you wanting to buy page from you as well so there's 

so many these things you can do and all it requires is time and it's fun because you got to create a lot of content and get other people's content post it as long as you credit them it's an easy job so really hope you found this useful and if you found this useful by the way give and also let me know what it is that you're doing to create an online business for beginners or maybe an online business that's already doing really well for you so comment below and so tell me and I'd love to hear some of the strategies that you're using as well.

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