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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Facebook Ads Automation Guide: Scale Your Ads Using Automated

Facebook Ads Automation Guide:

Hello friends today I am talking about Facebook Ads Automation Guide
start a series of tutorials on Facebook Ads automated rules in each video I'll showcase some of the most common rules that our customers use today I'll focus on pause type rules and demonstrate how you can set them up first couple of examples that Facebook Ads Automation Guide

I'm going to show are really straightforward and are considered basic rules but almost everyone uses rules like that so if you're new to ads automation you'll definitely find use for them so let's jump straight to it I'm on the automation page and I click on the new rule button which leads me to a rule creation page I'll 
start with the rule that would pause ad sets that spend over five dollars today and got no link clicks I'll call it pause no link clicks then I pick the ad account that this rule would apply to I'll keep this one after that we need to define which items we want the rule to affect so I click on

the underscore text here and this window pops up as I said I want this rule to pause ad sets so that's already selected here below are the two options I can use to select items the rule would apply to I keep the second option enabled and in the list of all my ad campaigns below

I can select for example this campaign and that would mean that the rule would apply to all ad sets in that campaign even the ones that you create and launch later I can also open the list of ad sets in any campaign to pick specific ones the second option is to select tricks I can filter ad says by their status this way the rule would apply to want to exclude some campaign from this rule
I can add another filter say campaign name doesn't contain say California so if I have a campaign that has the word

California in its name the rule wouldn't affect ad sets in that campaign another filter you can use to apply a rule to all ad sets regardless of their status is this campaign name doesn't contain this set of random symbols most likely no one has a campaign with such name so basically in sets in all paints all right after I selected the items

I click done I've used the filter filter then we define the very logic of the rule the action and the conditions spends over five dollars and gets no lint clicks therefore I need to regular conditions and both of them must be met in order to trigger the rule that's why conditions it's also very important to pick the right time frame as you can see I've used today in the conditions but

if you want you can select any time frame from the list just make sure you pick the right one check out the link in the description below to learn what exactly each time preset means attribution window settings are also when and how often the conditions in the task are going to be checked the time zone would be usually defined automatically but if it doesn't match your @ account time zone please select the right time zone manually okay so there are two ways to set a schedule you use a certain check frequency or set a
specific time for a role to run if you

choose to check the conditions every 15 minutes for instance the rule would run the first check right after you enable it and then it will be repeating the checks every 15 minutes the alternative this the rule would run a single check every day at 1:00 a.m. sharp you can select any other time to come up with more sophisticated schedule but in this case the fifteen minutes check frequency pause

inefficient ads as soon as possible now when everything is set I like a right away but let's go to the conditions constructor to see what else can we come up with given that all other settings stay the same let's say I want single purchase after spending ten dollars

I just need to change the value for the spent condition and replace length clicks with purchases metric pretty simple right now let me add another condition here say cos Berlin click is greater than $3 this task would come in handy when 

you don't want to pay over $3 per Lane click on less and that said got a purchase today so if there is at least one purchase the rule wouldn't trigger because the purchase condition isn't met now let's try something more complicated I remove these two conditions and add a nested condition saying raw ass return on that spend is less than 1.5 and then

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