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Monday, March 25, 2019

Digital Marketing Tutorial | Easy Steps to Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

Hello friends today I am talking about so today I'm going to show you how to download and use our digital marketing plan template this will allow you to streamline your campaigns which in turn will make them more effective and more efficient so let's start first when you type into Google digital marketing template and then hit Search once you've done this click on the link that says just free digital marketing plan for digital by then Easy Steps to Learn Digital Marketing

I want you to put your name and your email address into the fields once you've done this hit Send then this will take you through an email that we sent you then click this link they'll download your template okay let me just open this up I'll zoom in a bit so you guys can see better okay now-now that we're in your template that you want you to want to personalize it and make it your own so you want to define which campaign type you're going to use so, for example, social media ads Twitter then you want to put your project goals here you need to be very smart guys you need to make sure these goals are specific measurable achievable realistic and have

estimate how many clicks and visits you get and then write any comments for yourself or your colleagues later in the process after this you want to decide how much focus or weighing you're going to put onto each campaign type and then you're going to toss up your projected costs okay from here you're gonna put in all your all your timings from Q 1 to Q 4 so when you're gonna Rin these campaigns you do this by just clicking on when the police wares and dragging it along after all this is done and the campaigns ran 

I want you to write in your actual costs and then you can figure out the difference see if you spent more spent let's figure out why and then you can then see how much see your goal see if you've reached your goals and see if you've got as many clicks if you estimate it at the start of the campaign and then from here you can really improve your campaigns and see what isn't best and which ones need more improvement okay thank you guys if you've got any questions don't hesitate help.

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