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Sunday, February 24, 2019

New Instagram Update - NEW Instagram Features!

New Instagram Update:

NEW Instagram Features!

Hello friends today I am talking about it's I'm going to squeeze a lot of information into a short amount of time because I have 12 different Instagram features that I want to share with you that you may not know about or maybe you do but anyway they're the newest ones so New Instagram Update - NEW Instagram Features!

I wanted to show you what they are and how to use them the very first one is a new update to the Instagram insights that business accounts get so if you check out any of your posts and you go to the view insights tab and you scroll down to the bottom you know that there's this section where it says impressions now this is going to show you impressions that you get from home hashtags location etc but now with the new feature they're actually going to show you which specific hashtags are bringing you the exact amount of impressions so I personally don't have 

this feature yet which I'm really upset about but I know what others do and if you do let me know in the comments below but once you get it it's going to show you exactly which hashtag you used and how many impressions it brought you and that's just gonna be a huge game-changer so I'm super excited for that one to show up so the next feature is being able to remove your own followers so I know that sounds kind of crazy because normally we're working on growing our following but sometimes there comes a point where you actually need to manage 

the people that are following you and potentially remove some of them so if you've heard the term ghost followers before this is the feature that's gonna help you deal with that so basically a ghost follower is someone who follows you but hasn't actually commented or liked on any of your posts and now determining who those people are is a bit complex of a process but if you're interested I do go over this in my course infamous to influential which is in the description box below but either way if you're interested in removing followers for whatever reasons 

all you have to do is navigate to the people that are following you and then you see these three dots here you just go ahead and tap that and then you can select remove follower now of course you want to be careful when you're doing this but that feature is there for you to take advantage of next is the countdown timer in Instagram stories so if you know much about marketing you know that creating urgency and hype around whatever it is that you're offering is key to getting people to take action so 

Instagram actually just released a countdown timer feature that you can put into your stories and that's really going to impact the amount of action people are taking based on what it is you're promoting to them so to do that you create a story swipe up from the bottom it's like the countdown timer sticker and then go ahead and give your countdown timer a name and then choose the end date and time after that you can go ahead and tap this color wheel up here to customize 

it a bit and then go ahead and share it with your followers now I don't know if this has happened to you but it happens to me all the time where I actually go and I edit my photo I write up my caption I've got all my formatting and my emojis and everything I'm about to post and then realize 

I'm on the wrong account now Instagram is helping us deal with that problem by allowing us to toggle between which accounts we want to post to right in the Edit post section so once you've got a post ready to go you'll see this post to other account section where you can actually toggle on which account you want to pose to so it doesn't matter what you're logged in to at the minute you can post it to 

the correct account without wasting any extra time next is alt text now this is a feature that increases accessibility for people with visual impairments so if someone can't actually view your image on Instagram alt text helps their system actually describe what it's in your photo so to add alt text to a photo I need to do is hit the Advanced Settings button then scroll down until you see right alt text here you can just briefly describe what your image is about so anyone with a visual impairment can enjoy it as well now you can also add alt text to an image that you've already shared by simply tapping on the image going to 

the three dots at the top pressing Edit and then clicking the alt text icon on the right now like I said this is for accessibility but I personally think that maybe at some point Instagram is gonna use this in their algorithm to help them determine what's actually in your photo so potentially what you write here could help you rank and hashtags are on the explore feet or something like that and maybe it sounds crazy but when it happens you better give me credit next is top posts so 

I know you've probably heard of top posts before and you're saying Alex this is not a new feature well they've changed it recently we're now top posts are exactly the same for everybody so in the past everyone used to see a slightly different top post where the photos were tailored to you based on what you engage with on a regular so people would often see like their own post there and they would think that their ranking but they weren't actually seeing

an increase in likes or comments so it didn't quite make sense and now the Instagram top post section is like I said the same for everybody so if your photos showing up in the
top post section you are actually ranking and you should see an increase in engagement applying for verification so now everybody has the opportunity to apply to get that blue check on your account that gives you the step-by-step tutorial for doing that so if you guys want to learn how to apply for verification then just go ahead and tap the card above and you can go ahead and watch that video uploading multiple images and videos to your Instagram stories at the exact

same time so this is a total lifesaver for people like me who like to do sequential Instagram stories where each slide kind of links to the one after it so I don't want there to be like a three minute gap between me posting my first interim story and my second one and potentially losing viewers so this new feature is great because I can choose all of the images that I want to upload edit them all at the same time and upload them all at the same time so all I have to do is go 

into your Instagram stories swipe up to access your camera roll and then tap the select multiple button in the top right then you can go through and tap the exact content that you want to add to your Instagram story now there is a maximum of 10 slides that you can add at the same time and make sure that you're paying attention to the numbers because that's the order that they're gonna come in then I can press next and on this screen I can actually edit each individual story individually so I can add my stickers I can add gifts I can write text whatever and then once I'm ready 

I can hit next and share them all at the exact same time to my stories the next feature is the Instagram name tag now this kind of was a flop I think I don't know I don't use it I don't really know many people that use it but basically it's interims attempt at bringing QR codes back so the name tag feature allows you to create a little square icon that other users can scan with their phone and it's gonna take them over to your Instagram account now in theory it sounds ok but there's really not that much utility to it I have heard people using it at networking events kind of like a

business card so I I put mine up right here and if you guys want to try and scan it maybe you can follow me on Instagram next is shoppable Instagram post now if you have an e-commerce business and you sell physical products you need to be using this feature you can actually add tags onto your Instagram posts that take people directly from Instagram over to the checkout page on your website so this is insanely awesome because you don't have to have a certain amount of followers 

you don't have to have a business account you simply just have to hook it all up and connect your products and that is going to drastically streamline the process of getting a person from social media over to your actual website to buy your products so amazing feature and I do have a step-by-step tutorial for that which you can just go ahead and click that card above and you can watch that and learn how to set up shop a little Instagram post on your feet as well so if you're one of those people that's concerned about the future of Instagram and you don't want to lose your photos and your 
comments and things like that when you want to check out the data download feature 

so this is a new one that I noticed recently inside my Instagram settings where you can actually request Instagram to send you all of your content in a nice little package so all you have to do is go into your settings scroll down to the privacy and security section and then choose data download from here you just have to add your information and then Instagram download all of your content the last feature I'm going to share with you guys today is the new Instagram live question-and-answer feature so basically Instagram has combined the Instagram stories question sticker with the Instagram Live feature and made a awesome little baby so now you can do in 

Instagram live where you actually answer questions that people have submitted through your stories so it is a bit of a complex setup but if you click the link in my description box below to go to my blog post that describes all these features and more then I will teach you exactly how you can set up the Instagram live Q&A feature so that is it for today you guys I hope you learned something new I feel free to subscribe to my channel if you like the content that I'm uploading and go ahead and check out either of these videos right here to learn more about Instagram so that's it for today guys I'll see you next time.

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