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Sunday, February 24, 2019

How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2019

How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2019:

Hello friends today I am talking about it's i'm going to teach you how to get verified on Instagram so I'm sure you've heard of verification before and you've seen accounts with that blue check next to their name and maybe you've wondered one what the heck it is how they got it and how you can get one too so How to Get Verified on Instagram

o I'm gonna discuss all those things today and I'm gonna give you a step-by-step on how to get verified on Instagram and not just show you how to apply for it but the actual qualifications that Instagram is looking for and how you can make sure that you're meeting them so first of all what is verification well this feature is generally reserved for public figures celebrities well-known brands or brands that have the possibility of being impersonated in serum gives them out to basically say that this is the official account of this company or person but verification carries so much more authority than that when someone sees

name they automatically think that you have some sort of credibility that you're well-known and obviously if you have a business or a brand this is great for that now I was fortunate enough to have two of my Instagram accounts be verified in the last year so I'm super excited about that and now of course I want to teach you guys how exactly I got verified and how you can get verified too alright so the first thing that you have to do is apply for verification through the 

Instagram mobile app okay so this is a feature that is newly released in the last year they didn't actually allow you to request verification in the past they would simply just give it to the person that they thought deserved it but now we actually play a role in this and we can request to be verified so to do that go ahead and open up your Instagram 

profile then you're gonna tap the three line icon on the top right also known as the hamburger icon and then you are going to hit the Settings button at the bottom of the screen from there you're gonna scroll down until you see request verification and go ahead and tap that on this page here we're going to read a little bit of information 

about verification and then you're gonna have to fill out a couple of questions so the first question is what is your username it's already plugged in there but you want to put in the Instagram username that you want to be verified then you're gonna put in your full name this should be your full name that would appear on a governor piece of ID okay because you're gonna have to actually send 

that to them as well so you want to make sure that it matches then there's a section to put what you're known as so if you have a brand name or a company name you can put that there or you can just input your full name again then you're gonna want to choose a category so pick the category that aligns the most with your brand and then lastly you're gonna have to attach a picture of your photo ID so this is gonna be your driver's license a passport a nationality card basically anything that is distributed to you by the government okay so you want to make sure you take a really clear photo of that so that they can read your name and see your picture so at that point 

you just have to press send and then you've completed the easiest step of applying for verification now the thing is is that there's so much more that goes into your verification being approved than simply applying for it Instagram has a very strict set of rules that they look for when someone applies and if you don't meet that criteria then you will be denied if you get denied you will receive a notification in your Instagram notification tabs that says that you didn't meet

the criteria and that you've been denied and you can reapply every thirty days if you are approved and then you will receive a notification in your notification tab as well that says the opposite that you've been approved and now you have a check mark on your account the first thing that Instagram looks for is authenticity in your account okay they want your account to be a real person a real business or an entity generally they won't approve of generic accounts 

like say a fan account for a celebrity so you want to make sure that the account that you're trying to get verified is authentic the next thing is unique Instagram wants to make sure that the

content that you're uploading is your own content and you own the rights to it generally they don't verify reposting accounts or feature accounts but my men and coffee account did get approved but I believe that's because 

I aced all of the other qualifications on this list so meeting all of this criteria as best as you can however it does seem like they let a few accounts slip through the cracks so maybe you'll be lucky like 

I was the next thing is blech and complete so your account must be a public account to be verified on Instagram if you have a private account you will not be approved ok and to be complete you have to have a filled out bio including a profile picture and a few posts on your account ok you need to have everything filled out in the edit your profile section so the last thing is notable your account needs to be notable and by that they mean that you or your company or your business entity must be written about in well-known publications either in print or on the internet and 

I think Internet is probably weighing higher here because it's unlikely someone's gonna be searching through magazines for your name so for me I was featured on I was on Business Insider so if you search my name plenty of online publications news articles come up about me and that's what I think really helped me get approved ok if you've never been talked about online then they don't see you as notable enough unfortunately so if that's the one criteria that you're missing 

I would work on that now keep in mind that they do state that any sort of paid promotions so if you pay a company to write about you and they can somehow tell that then that will not be valid and any online promotional stuff you do so say you pay for an ad of yours to be on business insider comm that won't count either so you need real organic news articles written about you or your brand so again I think this is probably gonna be the one feature that stumbles a lot of people but if you really want to be verified on Instagram then you got to do something that's going to get people 

talking about you and get you into the news ok if this is your stumbling block then I have a tip for you when I was trying to grow men and coffee I would actually search for articles that were written about Instagram accounts and when I found out who wrote that article I would find them on Twitter send them a tweet and say hey I saw that you wrote an article about
 this account maybe you would be interested in writing one about mine and it worked for me so go ahead and give that a try and maybe you'll have your first news article published and that's what's gonna help you get there slide on Instagram so again you need to meet this criteria and you need to be applying via the mobile app okay you got to do it all and you got to do it regularly if you get denied you can do it again but you have to wait 30 days okay 

so if you get denied don't fret just try again but make sure that you are working towards building up those criteria that they want because that's what's gonna give you the best option of actually getting verified on Instagram I hope you enjoyed this video and that you learned something new today on either side of me right now to watch something else that I've created or go over to my website Alex to be calm and check out what 

I have to offer there there's tons of free downloads free courses paid programs and just unlimited amounts of Instagram tips and tricks so thanks...

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